How to achieve Abundance and Prosperity


How to achieve Abundance and Prosperity

It is something everyone wants and it is something so few seem to achieve to their satisfaction: Abundance and Prosperity.

Firstly you have to decide what abundance and prosperity means to you.

If you want more money, if you find a penny in the street, you have more money. So think it out clearly, be precise. How much of what do you want?

OK, so you have decided, let us say, on $1 million.

For most of us that is a rather big stretch from where we are now. If you place that as is into your subconscious it is unlikely to happen. After all your subconscious is checking out what you have achieved already and it may well at this point say “No way, I have no idea how to do that. It’s so far removed from anything we’ve done before.”

Your subconscious bases what it can do on what has happened previously. So you have to show your subconscious a way to know it can do it.

Your subconscious cannot tell the difference between what has actually happened and what you have vividly imagined and felt often enough to make it feel real, so this gives you the ability to create the impression you want.

You have two options and both options will happen faster and more easily if you journal about them.

Option One:

Keep looking at your big goal, yes, but also plan an on-the-way goal: that is a smaller goal that is just a step or so ahead en route to your large goal.

Going with our $1 million end goal, the en-route goal could be something like “Make an extra $1,000 this month” or even “Make and extra $100 this month” if the thousand seems to far away.

But you are not waiting for manna from heaven here. You may not know in what way this money will come to you, but you never the less get out there and do whatever makes sense to you to try.

The money may come from those efforts of yours or they may come from an entirely different source, and if so you may want to change the direction of your efforts from now on.

However, it is very important that you make a sincere attempt and making the money you have asked for.

And journal what you did, where the money came from and journal your gratitude for every amount that comes your way, no matter how small. Journaling brings what is in your mind into the physical world, so by journaling about what you want, you are making the first step in bringing it into “reality.”

And by journaling your gratitude you are showing that you genuinely appreciate what is given to you.
Once you achieve that smaller goal, set another higher one and just keep on going.

Be open to redirection as you see from where your money is arriving, but never give up working towards achieving your goal. And keep on journaling.

Option Two:

If you are hoping this option will just have you lying there dreaming about money, I am sorry to disappoint you! Option Two involves using your imagination, yes.

  • It involves imagining that you have what you are asking for, that it is already here.
  • It involves getting so into your imagining that you really, truly feel like it is already yours.
  • The feeling is very important. You have to feel it to manifest it.

You don’t have to know how it will come to you, but you do have to be able to visualize what it looks and feels like to have it. Intensely and with emotion.

But just as in option one, it does not really work to then just sit around and wait for your bank balance to increase dramatically. You have to get started on doing something to bring in the money. As in option one, the money may well come from another source in the end, but it is up to you to show good faith and get going on the best way you can think of how to bring it to you.

Journaling, again, is a huge part in this.

Imagination and visualization is all in the mind and it can be hard to hold on to for long periods of time. On the other hand, if you write it out – imagine it, feel it and write about what you are imagining and feeling – you are, as in option one, bringing the abstract into reality. You are bringing what was just invisible energy into the physical reality.

There are always times with any goals, when you wonder if you can ever achieve them. But if you have been journaling about them, this is the perfect time to sit down and read what you have written to re-inspire yourself to keep on going.

  • Journaling allows you to vent frustrations when you feel you must.
  • It allows you to show your overflowing gratitude when good things happen.
  • It allows you to create an unchangeable record of how you proceeded, how you felt at any given time, and how things happened.

Journaling is an indispensable tool in manifesting what you want. It is really an indispensable tool in life itself.

So set your goals, get started towards them and journal you progress appreciating every little progress along the way.

Journal: you’ll be glad you did.

You can find the Abundance & Prosperity Inspirational Quotation Journal here.

Fiona MacKay Young

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Attract What You Want

Journaling Can Help You Achieve What You Want Easily and Successfully

Quotations for Journaling

Grandmothers Are Special


Do you find it difficult to believe in the Law of Attraction?

Do you find it difficult to believe in the Law of Attraction?

Do you, perhaps, believe The Law of Attraction works but are having trouble manifesting it in your own life?

If your answer to either of these questions was “yes” I have a solution to suggest to you.

Yes, it is a simple as that. Journal.

But do not just do a regular journal where you write out whatever comes to mind, about your day, your challenges, your successes. These are all very valid topics, as is almost anything else, for general journaling, but to work specifically on the Law of Attraction, I invite you to consider a focused or targeted journal.

This is a journal that zeroes in, or focuses on a specific topic, in this case, the Law of Attraction.

You write down what you want to attract, or manifest in your life.

You write it down always in the positive. So if you want to have no debt, you do not write that you want to have no debt. Instead you write about how you want to be financially stable or secure, with cash in the bank, and everything paid off. In fact the more specific you are, the better it works, so perhaps you could put exactly how much cash you would like to have in the bank.

As you write, be visualizing what it is you are asking for.  That should be easy enough since you have to be thinking of it to write about it, so visualizing is just taking it all a little slower so you have time to “see” it as well.

Do this for everything you want to use the Law of Attraction to bring to you.

Keep doing it.

Do not just write the same words each time but try to take a fresh approach to it. Think about how life will be when you have what you are asking for. Think about how it will feel and look. Write about how you appreciate the “side effects” of what you are asking for, as well as the “main event.”

Each time you see even a little of it arriving, journal it with gratitude and appreciation.

Journaling in this way has many advantages.

The thing about manifesting is that sometimes what you are asking for comes to you in a way you did not expect, so at first you just do not notice it. Or it comes in such a natural way, that although you enjoy and appreciate it immediately, you do not fully realize that this is the answer to your request until later.

When you have journal as you go, you can go back, re read and get a clearer perspective on what you have asked for, how you asked for it, and how it is appearing in your life.

Sometimes, you may re-read and decide that, no, this is not what you want after all, and may decide to “tweak” your request or change it altogether. Of course, this can delay receiving anything, but if your original request no longer fits your needs or wishes, then changing it is the wisest thing to do.

Journaling keeps track.

Our minds are funny things. We think we remember SO clearly, but if we have been journaling, we can go back and may often find out that what we remember is not what actually was. Our memories have twisted it or changed it in some way.

Journaling to ask, to express our feelings, our gratitude – sometimes even our pain – keeps an exactly record of where we are at any given point. And it also shows us beyond argument when our wishes are fulfilled.

By seeing, in a journal, when we receive an answer to a request, we then begin to believe me. And the more we believe, the more we receive.

Your Law of Attraction Journal can be the key to learning to trust that we can manifest our wildest dreams, and it increases our gratitude when we see just how often and how much we are already receiving.

So journal.  Keep a Law of Attraction Journal and watch your world change.

To your success, your happiness and your focused “Attraction,”

Fiona MacKay Young

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Get What You Want with Journaling

Journaling can help you get what you want

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Journaling to Get What You Want

Focused journaling (also known as targeted journaling) when you do it to get something you want is different, obviously, than journaling to record what the youngsters in your life said or did.

Instead you are journaling with a view to creating what you want vividly in your mind, so you can then create it in physical form. That is manifesting.

How do you do this?

First, spend some time identifying what it is you really want to manifest. Most people immediately think of money. But, again, for most people, it is not the money itself they really want; it is what the money will bring them that they long for.

So when you are thinking about more money always include in your imagination what that will mean in terms of how your life will change. What do you want that that money will bring?

Of course it is possible that money is not what you are wanting, but whatever it is, try to determine what it is you want to see in your life, not the steps or things you need to get it.

Once you have a clear picture of what you really want, it is time to start writing in your journal.thought-bubble-2-hi

The benefit of an actual journal for this is that sometimes, when life is “happening” to you in ways you would prefer it didn’t, you may find it hard to get into the right mindset to journal in a way to successfully manifest what you want. On these occasions, reading over what you wrote previously can help you get into the right frame of mind to feel that what you want really is on its way to you.

So let’s assume you are ready to start today’s journaling. You know what you want, and you can feel it, see it, taste it.

Write out what it feels like. Write out what it is you want. You don’t have to write out exactly what you wrote out yesterday and the day before. That would be become boring and therefore totally ineffectual very fast. Instead choose a part of your dream and write about that.

Whenever you write in your journal, write in the present tense as though you already have it. Live whatever part of it you are writing today in your mind as you write. Experience it in your imagination as if it were here right now and you are feeling, hearing, seeing it all.

The more emotion, passion and feeling you can get going on your chosen topic, the quicker and more effectively it will appear in your life.

Cover which ever part of your dream seems closet to you at the moment. Always write in the positive. If something negative has happened during the day, then write about that topic, in the present tense, and how it will be when it is all positive and good in that area is one of the best ways both to get over the disappointment or discouragement of the day, but also to keep going with the manifesting, the image you are building in your heart and mind.

Feel it. Thinking is good. You need to understand what you are about. But it is feeling that brings it about. The more you can feel it, the more you can inhale its very essence the more quickly it will manifest itself in your life.

questions -

If you have any doubts that what you are asking for may not appear, write out your fears, your doubts and continue to write about how to overcome these doubts, what is causing these to even be there in the first place. By understanding WHY you are causing doubts, which are blocks to manifesting your dreams, is a big step towards overcoming them.

When you identify a block, in your imagination lift it up and throw it over into the “block tank” – and imaginary place your mind has the ability to toss anything into, no matter how big or heavy, and nothing has ever had the ability to escape from the block tank. Once it is there, you are clear of it.

So now go on and journal about how what you want is here and how you are enjoying it, knowing that block is now safely out of the way. Any time it reappears, just toss it back into the tank. That same block cannot appear because it cannot get out of the tank, but sometimes it leaves behind some residual blocks that pop up to try create the same problem for you. Just toss every single one of them into the block tank and keep on with your success journaling free from doubt.

Each day spend at least five minutes journaling about whatever it is you are working on. Don’t give up.

Once your subconscious is convinced that what you are imagining is true, it will do everything it can to make your conscious life match what it believes. And whether you know it or not, that is your most powerful achievement tool. Your subconscious will move heaven and earth, literally, to create in your life what you believe.

Ask, Believe, Receive is not just a “logo” it’s true. So get your manifestation journal started and keep on going until you have what you asked for, because as soon as you start it is on its way, you just have to keep going till it arrives.

thankyou 4brush-and-two-paint-tubes1 from one last thing. Don’t forget to say thank you to the Universe, God, Spirit – whomever fits best into your belief system to thank. Gratitude is essential. True from the heart gratitude. It is not only richly deserved for bringing you what you want, but it also works wonders.

Happy journaling and successful manifestation.

Susan Morgan

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