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Creating Memories JournalsJournals for Creating Memories:

Below you will find links to all of the Creating Memories Journals.

They can help you create a treasure both for your own enjoyment or to hand down to family at a later date.
They also make wonderful gifts, as they not only have space for journaling, but each time you turn the page, there is another relevant quote to inspire the writer or reader.

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My Inspirational Mother’s Journal: Moments to Treasure

Every mother has special memories, tales to tell, both problems to overcome and joy to share. This is the perfect place to write it all. You may think you will remember all the things they say and do, but you won’t. But if you journal them, you have them for life. Don’t lose another minute of their childhood – start journaling now.

Grandmothers Inspirational Quotation Journal: Making Memories

Being a Grandmother is so special. Grandchildren as such a gift. As you enjoy your time with them, record their doings and sayings to create a treasure for yourself and to share or hand down to your grandchildren later on. It doesn’t matter whether your grandchildren are still babies or older, start today to capture these amazing young lives on paper.

My Inspirational Family Journal: Family comes First

Families can be big, small, quiet or noisy, but who ever and whatever they are, they are family. They are the people we share our whole lives with. This treasury can bring them closer when you’re apart, and can be great to share when you are together.

My Inspirational Relationship Journal: Write from the Heart

This journal is for any relationship you wish to journal. It may be a romantic relationship, but it might just as well be a business partnership or other type of connection. Write what it important to you, whether it is touching to your heart, or important to your mind. This is a great place to keep it.

My Inspirational Teacher’s Journal: The Things They Say and Do

Teachers hear and see such amazing things. Some are hilarious, some are sad but as they spend their lives with our young ones, they experience some eye-opening things. Keep a journal of what the kids say and do, what they write in essays, there entertaining mis-understandings. This is a treasure in the making… start yours right away.

Cruise Inspirational Quotation Journal: Land Ahoy!

Cruising is fun. It is also a very busy time with so much to do on board, so many people to meet and all the shore trips to take in. It is hard to keep track. Videos and pictures will capture the images, but a journal will capture your feelings, your thoughts and perhaps your newly awakened dreams. It will be a joy to sit down, once you are home, and re-read the events and happenings of your cruise. To relive the best parts over and over. Cruises are generally very short, so don’t miss the chance to create this record of it all. Take your journal on your cruise and create that special memory.

My Inspirational Travelers Journal: Up, Up & Away

Traveling is fun, informative and educational. Along with all the visuals you bring back by way of photos and videos, if you bring a journal full of your learnings, your feelings, what most amazed, appalled or delighted you, you have added so much more than visuals alone could ever do, to both your immediate reflection but also for future recollection. A travelers’ journal is a great idea. 


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