Grandmothers Inspirational Quotation Journal

Whether you’re a grandmother yourself or thinking of a gift for someone who is, “My Inspirational Journal for Grandmothers: Making Memories” is a wonderful choice.

So many of us bring up  our own children, doing the very best we possible can, but it passes in a blurr of busyness and life. We take photos, which are great. We keep videos – even more evocative to the memory. But how we feel, what our thoughts were – our hopes, dreams and sometimes our worries – tend to be forgotten over time.

Grandmother's Inspirational Quotation Journal

Grandmother’s Inspirational Quotation Journal:
Making Memories

The cute things the little ones say – and sometimes the hilarious things the older ones say tend to evaporate from our memories as time goes by.

That is the reason for this Journal.

It is the place to write what your grandchildren do and say, how it feels. You can of course put little photos or drawings that your grandchildren have done into the journal too, but mainly it’s the place for your thoughts and memories. It’s the place where you come to read and relive and chuckle – perhaps occasionally cry – at things gone by.

(The cover has been updated from this video, but all other aspects are exactly the same)

No matter how much you think you will remember a particular event or a special thing one of your grandchildren said or did, the chances are it will fade from memory over time. Or if this happens to be one of the things you do remember, there will be many, many more you lose from your mental treasure trove.

You can just keep it for yourself, or at a later date, you may want to share it with either your son or daughter or show particular entries to older grandchildren themselves. They will love to read the funny things they said, and the warmth with which you wrote about them.

As a grandmother, you know that children are only children for a very short time. And having been a mother, you also know that memories, for the most part, are fleeting but precious.

Capture your grandchild’s special moments by writing them down in this journal. There are probably three generations who will thank you for it – yourself, your son or daughter and your grandchildren.

And don’t forget the quotes. On the left side of each page you will find a quote related to grand parenting. Some are funny, some are touching, some are good advice. They keep you focused on the topic of the journal and help and inspire you as you write.

Grandmother's Inspirational Quotation Journal

Grandmother’s Inspirational Quotation Journal:
Making Memories

I would love every grandmother to keep a grandmother’s journal – wouldn’t you have loved it if your grandmother had done so and you had it today? Start making memories today.


Happy Journaling

Fiona MacKay Young (Mother & Grandmother)

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