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What did your little one do or say today? What did he or she do that you’d like to remember? At the time it feels like you will remember this forever – but you won’t.

Ask any mother of grown or even just older kids and they will recount for you a few things they recall but not that many. And yet, when you’re in that time of your life, of your children’s lives, there are almost daily events you think you’ll remember.
My Inspirational Mother’s Journal:
Moments to Treasure

The other thing is that even the things you remember, you will not always remember what you felt at the time. What you thought.

The only way to remember your child or children’s early years is to record them. Photos are great, videos too. But writing down the words that were said, the things that they did, along with how you felt, how you or others reacted, this is how you can keep the memory living forever.

Not only for yourself: when they are grown your children may enjoy reading about themselves as little ones, or your grandchildren may get a kick out of hearing about their mum or dad when they were small.

No matter how you think of it, these years are precious and irreplaceable and “My Inspirational Mother’s Journal” gives you the ideal place to record that time.

With Quotes on every page to inspire and sometimes amuse you, and a little gauge at the bottom of each page to rate how you felt the day went, plus an index at the back for you record page numbers of quotes or journal entries you want to be able to access easily in the future, this is a very handy tool for any mother.

Whether it’s for you or as a gift for someone else, “My Inspirational Mother’s Journal” is a unique idea which will give hours of pleasure, both when writing and later when re-reading.

My Inspirational Mother’s Journal: Moments to Treasure

They’re kids for so short a time,

Fiona MacKay Young

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