My Inspirational Relationship Journal

This journal is not only for lovers – although it certainly is perfect for them to use.

It is also for any other relationships such as family members, close friends etc.

By writing about the love you give and the love you receive, it is there for you to read in the future.

My Inspirational Relationship Journal

My Inspirational Relationship Journal:
Write from the Heart


Journaling has long been recognized as a powerful tool in all aspects of life.

This journal is designed specifically for you to write out your feelings, thoughts, hopes and dreams surrounding the loves in your life.

Ideal for romantic love, this journal is also the perfect tool for enhancing family relationships of all kinds.

You will find quotes to inspire and motivate you, to encourage and support you along the way.

  • Use it daily or just once in a while to capture the essence and the love in your life.
  • Use it to empower you to stronger, more lasting relationships.

This journal is for YOU. You owe it to yourself

Writing from the Heart as things happen has so many benefits.

  • You have to think things out clearly to be able to put them into words to write them down – so although you may be feeling euphoria when things are going well, you will put it into words in your journal.
  • You spend time writing and therefore thinking about what you are writing, so it enhances your memory as to how you really feel/ felt at this time.
  • It records how you felt and saw things at the time they happened, denying your mind the opportunity to distort things with time
  • You can record the good times to re-read and feel the happiness all over again at any later date you choose
  • You can record troubles, how they feel and also solutions and ideas for solutions, so if things go the same way later you have a record of what worked and what didn’t.

If as some point you are having problems with a family member or in an intimate relationship, you can read what you wrote in happier times and cheer yourself that things will be OK. Or perhaps reading what you wrote previously may give you some insights into how best to deal with a situation.

Maybe much later it will just be pure joy to read of how it was before, even if the relationship has continued happily.

Love is precious and to be treasured, and here is the perfect treasury for your love memories.

You will find love quotes, a little rating section for each journaling page, and an index at the back for you to record special dates and pages to find easily later on.

My Inspirational Relationship Journals

My Inspirational Relationship Journal:
Write from the Heart

Keeping you inspired,

Fiona MacKay Young

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