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You may or may not remember a TV series entitles “Kids say the Darndest Things”… but they do! Every parent knows this, every parent treasures these things.

But how many more amusing, amazing, happy and sad things does a teacher hear, notice and read, with somewhere around 30 students in a class, and with the children for probably more (waking) hours a day than most parents?

My Inspirational Teacher’s Journal:
The Things They Say and Do

Coming from a family of teachers, I can still remember my father’s journal of the things kids said, did and wrote … and some very amusing “notes from parents.”

I used to love to read that book and Dad loved to show it around to family and friends. It was a wonderful treasure from his years of teaching, and gave him great pleasure to write, and even greater pleasure to read in later years.

When they’re fresh in your mind you think you just can’t possibly ever forget what he just said, or she just did, or what you read in that essay or test answer.

But you will. Or at least you will forget a great many “gems.”

And that is where “My Inspirational Teacher’s Journal” comes in. Ideal to buy for yourself, or perfect to give as a gift to a new, or experienced, teacher. This is a wonderful place to write things down about life as a teacher, about “your” kids.

Every time you turn a page, there is a quote to inspire you, amuse you or perhaps a word of wisdom.

Journaling can help you now, to deal with stresses, strains and general busyness. And it can be a treasure for the future – and even for future generations – to read the entries and remember, or learn what it was like, how you felt and how to dealt with life as a very busy teacher.

My Inspirational Teacher’s Journal:
The Things They Say and Do





Enjoy “your Kids”, and enjoy your teaching.

Fiona MacKay Young

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