My Inspirational Travelers Journal:
Up, Up & Away

Do you travel? Do you go away on vacations? Do you take trips to different places?

If your answer is “yes” the next question is “Do you journal about it?” by which I don’t mean do you put it on Facebook. That is quite different.

Facebook is for the world or at least everyone who has “friended” you see. Your journal is just for you.
My Inspirational Travelers Journal

My Inspirational Travelers Journal:
Up, Up & Away

Take along a Travelers Journal and jot down things as they happen. Notes on the day. Notes on people you meet. Notes on things you see and do. Notes on anything that attracted your attention that you’d like to remember.

Write about how you feel about it all, about the differences between there and home, about any hopes or dreams this place or trip are creating for you, or any hopes and dreams it is bringing into reality.

This is the place to record all the things you will love to re-read as you sit by the fire in mid-winter back home. It is the place to record the things you will want to tell friends, family and perhaps grandchildren in the future (or now.)

It is the place to write down things you don’t want to forget so that you will have the information should you choose to return here at a later date, or to pass on to friends who might be considering the same destination.

When you are traveling there is just SO much going on between the traveling itself, and the sights and sounds that come with each new location. Don’t lose any of it. Write it down. A little or a lot, just whatever fits for you at that time. But write.  A Journal of your travels is a treasure in the making and this is your only chance to make it. Even if you come back to this place later, it will be a different experience (and worth another Journal), so capture this experience now. You will be glad you did.

I wish you a wonderful trip and happy journaling.

Fiona MacKay Young

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