My Healing Relaxation Journal:
Release Stress, Create Calm

Are you stressed? Right now? Sometimes? Perhaps all the time?

Stress can lead to all kinds of health problems. It also prevents you from enjoying your journey through life.

Here is a terrific, hands-on, medication-free way of handling and releasing stress.


My Healing Relaxation Journal
My Healing Relaxation Journal:
Release Stress Create Calm

Yes, keep a journal, a Relaxation Journal. Believe me it works. It is one of the best tools ever invented for letting go of stress and relaxing.

How does it work?

Whenever you are feeling stressed (or once a day – at least – if you feel you are always stressed) just open up your Relaxation Journal and pour your heart out to it about all the things that are “getting to you.”

Here you don’t have to worry about being politically correct, or about hurting anyone’s feelings. This is your private place to just get rid of everything that is bothering you to prevent it from piling up inside.

The first time you do this, if you have a lot going on, you may have a great deal to share with your journal, but if you do it regularly when you feel the stress, you will find you have just the most recent stresses to add each time.

Once you have vented on everything you feel like venting on, the next step is to take a deep breath and take a break. Go have a cup of tea or something cool and refreshing, perhaps go for a walk, especially if you were in tears (which is perfectly normal) as you wrote about things that are really upsetting you.

Come back to your journal and this time look at solutions. Solutions may be things you can actually do to make things better, but they may also be a change in your thinking, a change in the way you mentally approach the problem.

Writing things out helps you think so very much more clearly. Another benefit is that you get a better picture of not only what really is, but how you are thinking about it. Perhaps your feelings are interfering with objective thinking. When you come back to consider where to go from here, it is often much easier to look at the problems with a clearer perspective.

Some things may not be changeable, they may be things you just have to put up with. In which case working on how you view them, hard though it may be to change that, can make life a great deal easier for you.

With this in mind, I have created My Healing Relaxation Journal. It comes with various tools to help you. It includes:

  • A new quote every time you turn the page, to inspire and help you.
  • A list of 91 suggestions of relaxation activities
  • A blank list for you to create your own list of favorite activities to help you relax.
  • The handy Memory Jogger index at the back for you to record the page numbers or dates of any quotes that particularly speak to you, or journal entries you make that you want to be able to find again easily.

And of course, there are pages and pages of lightly lined sheets waiting for your journal entries.

My Healing Relaxation Journal
My Healing Relaxation Journal:
Release Stress Create Calm






If you are stressed, I am absolutely sure the Relaxation Journal can help you. Mine is a well used and well worn book that has helped me through many hard times. I hope you find it as useful and as heart-lightening as I do.


To your easy and wonderful stress release.

Fiona MacKay Young

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