Manifest through Journaling

How to Manifest through Journaling

How to Manifest through Journaling

How to Manifest through Journaling


Most people think of journaling as writing to record something that has already happened.

And it can indeed be that.

For example, any journal designed to contain memories, such as a Grandmothers Journal or a Cruise Journal, is for that specific purpose: to record delicious and precious memories to keep for eternity.

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However, you can manifest through journaling. It can be an amazingly successful tool in bringing into your life that which you most desire.

Any Personal Development Journal can easily be transformed into a Manifestation Journal.

or example, take a Success Journal

Success Inspirational Quotation Journal

Success Inspirational Quotation Journal

A Success Journal can be used record your successes, and in this way you will both remember and appreciate how far you have come, recognize not only the big successes but also the smaller one, and generally feel more successful. This is good. In fact it is very good. It is wonderful. This way you manifest through journaling and achieve success.

But you can go farther.

Record in your Success Journal the successes you desire to have. Visualize them as you write. See them already accomplished. Feel how you will feel when the have come into you reality. Write with emotion and passion about them.

Always write in the positive. Instead of saying what you don’t want or won’t be doing, write about what you do want and will be doing.

Start with an outline of the success you desire to have, then go into details.

As you read and reread what you previously wrote, you will feel more and more comfortable picturing your new reality, and it will become easier and easier to visualize and then write about the smaller details with real feeling and emotion.

This way your Success Journal becomes a vision board of sorts. You can of course add pictures if you wish, but even just writing it forms mental pictures for you.

You don’t have to write every day, but, I can assure you from having done this myself for years, that as you reread previous entries, new ideas will pop into your head and you will find yourself with more to write.

Remember that spaced repetition is what is needed to program your subconscious, and that is exactly what you are giving it my writing then rereading your journal. So it’s important to remember the “only positive” concept – you don’t want to be programming your all-powerful subconscious with negatives.

You don’t have to write every day, but to take a few minutes each day to read what you have already written is a great idea.

Once your subconscious believes that this is indeed what you desire (as it has understood from your repeated writing and reading on the topic) it will do everything in it’s power to take you to that desired place in life. In other words, you will manifest what you have been writing about. Which is your success.

You can work on manifesting general success and your writing will tell your subconscious what that looks like for you.

Or you can write a journal specifically on one area of your life.

Happiness Inspirational Quotation Journal

Happiness Inspirational Quotation Journal

If you want more happiness, then write a Happiness Journal that concentrates on both appreciating the happinesses, big or small, already in your life, and looks ahead to see what happiness you desire to come into your life.

The same approach can be taken with absolutely any area of life you like.

Desire to develop your Intuition? Have more great ideas? Be more motivated? Attract anything else into your life? A great relationship? Closer, more congenial ties with family?

There is no end. Whatever you desire to manifest into your life, your journal can be an amazing help to get you there.

Sometimes just thinking and visualizing is hard to hold on to, but if you journal as well that brings a more physical element into it – plus it’s all there in writing for you to go back to at a later date, which can be hard with thinking and visualizing.

So may I encourage you to journal to manifest into your life all the wonderful things, situations and people that you desire.

Journaling has amazing power.


Fiona MacKay Young

Fiona MacKay Young - My Inspirational Journals

Fiona MacKay Young – My Inspirational Journals



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