Miscellaneous Journals


Miscellaneous Journals

 Miscellaneous Journals:

The journals on this page do not fit under any specific category, but they’re both fun and entertaining journals for very special people. And they come with quotes or activities and a fun rating gauge)

An Introduction to Miscellaneous Journals with Fiona

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My Inspirational Lefties’ Journal: Just for Lefthanders

Lefties have to live in a right handed world, so this journal is just to make life a little easier for them.Most of the journals on this site have quotations on each left hand page, and room to write on the right hand page. In this Lefties Journal, these have been switched around, for each of writing of left handers. There are writing pages on the left and the quotes appear on the right. 

My Inspirational Vacation Journal for Kids: Fun in the Sun (packed with Activities)

It can be hard to get kids to journal, but this journal is not only a journal. The Vacation Journal for Kids is packed with fun activities to keep these youngsters busy and out of trouble during the long summer days. Whether they are at home, out playing on their own, or off on a vacation or trip, they will find lots of great ideas for things to do in this journal. And if they do journal in it also, then when they go back to their school project of “write an essay on what you did over the summer” the material is all there for them, written down in their journal. Keep your kids busy this summer with a Vacation Journal for Kids.

Fiona MacKay Young

Fiona MacKay Young - My Inspirational Journals

Fiona MacKay Young – My Inspirational Journals



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