My Inspirational Vacation Journal for Kids: Fun in the Sun

Busy kids are happy kids, and moms and dads with busy, happy kids are usually happy parents.

That is one reason for this journal.

The other reason is that journaling as the summer passes will not only provide a treasure for the more distant future, but will also prove a blessing when asked to write the traditional “What I did over the summer” essay in the fall! My Inspirational Vacation Journal for Kids

My Inspirational Vacation Journal for Kids: Fun in the Sun is packed with 45 different projects and activities, every kid will find fun things to do.

Some are easy and quick to describe – only one line for some of them. Some are longer and more involved taking several pages to outline. Some can be done by any child on their own or with friends. Some will need some adult guidance.

And while every even numbered page has activities, every odd numbered page is lined and waiting for journal entries.

At the bottom of each journaling page is a fun little rating system where the child can mark whether this day of fun in the sun was worth 5 suns, 4 suns, 3 suns, 2 suns or …. tomorrow will be a better day, 1 sun.

At the back of the journal is an index to mark down the page number and a short note of anything they particularly want to be able to find again easily.

Altogether this is a delightful, healthy and enjoyable addition to any kids summer. If you have any kids summer activities you would like to add, please put them in the comments box below for other readers.

Have a wonderful summer of fun in the sun.

Fiona MacKay Young

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