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Personal Development Journals


Personal Development Journals :

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An Introduction to Personal Development Journals with Fiona


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Abundance & Prosperity Inspirational Quotation Journal: Write with Passion

Write out what you want to receive. Write it out as you receive it. By focusing on abundance and prosperity you attract more of it into your life.

 My Inspirational Happiness Journal: Keep the Sunshine in Your Life 

Happiness is an inside job. It is up to you to be happy. By writing out what is making you happy now, big or small, you are creating inspiring reading for when things are not so happy. Find some little happiness at any time, and go to town recording the major happinesses in your life. Happiness journaling will create more happiness.

My Inspirational Motivation Journal: Reach for the Stars

Motivation and goal setting … not just setting the goals, but keeping on going after them … sometimes it can be hard. So write down what you are aiming to achieve, keep re-reading it, add every little step that takes you closer. It will keep you going and focused both of which will help you achieve your goals more quickly.

My Inspirational Ideas Journal: Let Your Light Shine

Whether you have one idea a month or one idea a second, they are fleeting. Your whole being may light up with joy at one inspiring idea, but if you don’t write it down, it may be gone in a flash. An Ideas Journal is a wonderful tool to keep track of your brilliance and to have all these great ideas there, ready to be acted upon at the perfect time.

Intuition Inspirational  Quotation Journal: Trust Your Inner Knowing

Intuition comes as a feeling and it is hard to pin down a feeling. Feelings change and are affected by everything else that is going on in our lives. By recording what you think is intuition when you feel or hear it, you have it down exactly as it came to you, unchanged by your imagination, hopes or fears. You can also, if in doubt about whether it was indeed your intuition, check back at a later time, and mark down that answer – was it, or wasn’t it – that will help you recognize it in the future.

Law of Attraction Inspirational  Quotation Journal: Ask, Believe, Receive

Ask for what you want. Write it in your Law of Attraction Journal. Believe it is on its way – focus on what you have asked for and write about how it will feel to have it in your life. And when you receive it, write your thanks. What you focus on expands, and as you write about what you are manifesting in your life, you focus on it for longer, bringing to you faster.

My Inspirational Slimmers’ Journal: The Law of Reduction

Dieting is tough. The Slimmers’ Journal is a place to record your successes, and a place to let off steam when you fall “off the bandwagon” – but it is also the place to read and re-read your success at these times to help you pick yourself up and continue. Failure in only when you fall down and don’t get up again. Everyone on a diet falls down sometime or another – this journal can help you pick yourself up again, faster and more successfully. And it is of course the place to rejoice to the full when you reach your target weight.

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Fiona MacKay Young - My Inspirational Journals

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