My Inspirational Ideas Journal

Ideas are fleeting. They’re there one minute and gone the next.
Don’t let them get away!

This Journal is intended just for that – to help you preserve all your ideas, to keep them all together for easy access.

My Inspirational Ideas Journal:
Let Your Light Shine


Just by exercising your “idea muscle” in your brain you motivate it to create more and more ideas … which will all be kept safe and sound until you are ready to act upon them in your Journal.

With quotes to inspire you and perhaps to give you even more ideas, this journal is a very handy tool for anyone who values inspiration, ideas and wants to make sure that that great idea doesn’t disappear into the mists of time.

When you’re at a loose end, read through your Ideas Journal and find something that fits for you right now. When you are looking for a new project or activity, scan your entries and see what appeals to you.

There is a useful index at the back for you record the page number for favorite quotes, or to categorize quotes for easy access.

Ideas are priceless. They sometimes come just once, never to be repeated … unless you have the foresight to record them. The Ideas Journal is designed to allow you to do just that, while it inspires you to come up with even more.

My Inspirational Ideas Journal:
Let Your Light Shine


Here’s to your ideas and successes with them.

Fiona MacKay Young

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