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Law of Attraction Journal

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I am so excited to publish this journal! I have been journaling on the topic of the Law of Attraction for myself for years – and what a difference it has made.

It keeps me focused on what I am asking for. It helps me believe it IS coming. And when I receive it, I am more aware of just to what amazing extent my request has been fulfilled.

Law of Attraction Journal with Inspirational Quotes:
Ask, Believe, Receive

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Abundance & Prosperity Journal with Inspirational Quotes:
Ask, Believe, Receive

I find that sometimes things are fulfilled so “quietly” and naturally that I don’t notice at first that these things have come. And then I suddenly realize, yes, that is what I’ve been asking for.

Things, in my experience at least, seldom come exactly as I had been envisioning them, hence it sometimes takes a little while before the fact that that request has indeed been answered to dawn on me.

And another, perhaps less obvious, benefit of journaling your requests to the Universe or Divine is that if you are blocking something from coming to you, you can become more aware of that by reading what you write in your journal.

If something doesn’t appear to be getting answered, if you re-read what you have been writing, and how you have been asking for it in your journal, you may find exactly what parts of your request you are blocking.

This puts you in a great position to work on removing the blocks to allow the attraction process to work fully.

The Law of Attraction works all the time in everyone’s life. The question is, are you attracting what you want? If not, or if just “sometimes” then journaling can help.

Watch “Attract What You Want” Video (6 mins)

So if you would like the Law of Attraction to work in the way you want it to in your life, consider “My Inspirational Law of Attraction Journal.”

Or if you know someone else who would benefit from focusing on what they want to attract, it’s this can be a great gift.

With a new quote to read every time you turn a page, it inspires you to keep on going and keep on believing. It’s amazing how many successful and famous people have made extremely positive statements regarding the Law of Attraction (not necessarily calling it by that name, but exactly the same effect); from Einstein to Napoleon Hill to Henry Ford to Ralph Waldo Emerson … the list goes on. You will find their quotes in the Law of Attraction Journal.

Law of Attraction Journal with Inspirational Quotes:
Ask, Believe, Receive


Fiona MacKay Young

To your success, your happiness and your focused “Attraction,”


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