My Inspirational Motivation Journal

Motivation, goal setting, personal planning – all ways of talking about what you are doing to assure yourself of “Success”- whatever “Success” means to you.

Sometimes we want, really want, to achieve a goal, but cannot get ourselves motivated to get into action. And yet action is required to achieve just about any goal.

My Inspirational Motivation Journal:
Reach for the Stars



My Inspirational Motivation Journal is designed to help you. The motivational quotes on each page are just the beginning.

You write out what you want to do, and how you intend to go about doing it, at any time you feel like doing so. This is then there for you to read later when you are either at a loose end or wondering what to do next. Your plans are recorded and waiting for you.

You can rate what you think of  each of your entries in the handy little rating box at the foot of each page, and at the back of the book is an index for you to record the page numbers and a short description of entries or quotes you want to be able to locate easily and quickly.

It is a well known fact that written goals are much more likely to be achieved, and My Inspirational Motivation Journal is an fun and effective way to write out your goals and keep track of how you are doing with them.


My Inspirational Motivation Journal:
Reach for the Stars


Great for you. Great for a gift.

Fiona MacKay Young

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