My Inspirational Slimmers’ Journal

You can succeed in losing weight. You can do it.

However there is no denying it is a tough thing to do. It involves motivation, discipline and perseverance. You need encouragement, and you need to be able to see your successes, big and small, and to “vent” when it all seems to be just a bit too much.

And the ideal place for all of these events is a journal.

By documenting every single advance you make, you encourage yourself that, yes, you can do this. And by allowing yourself to “yell, scream and shout” – on paper – you clear your mind of any frustrations and leave yourself open to new advancements.

My Inspirational Slimmer’s Journal:
The Law of Reduction





“My Inspirational Slimmer’s Journal” is just for this purpose. With a motivational, encouraging or sometimes just plain funny quote each time you turn the page, this journal is the ideal place to keep track of your successes and to let off steam when things don’t go according to plan (your eating plan!)

It takes patience. It takes time. It takes self restraint to lose weight. And by writing out how you feel about it all, about what goes right and what is going wrong, you are empowering yourself to succeed. You are taking responsibility and taking action – two major steps en route to success in almost any endeavor.

So if your goal is be become less than you are – physically speaking, but to become more than you are – motivationally, in strength, in purpose and in your ability to succeed in spite of challenges, then this is the perfect tool to help you on your way.

Losing weight is tough. But you CAN do it. Journaling can help.

My Inspirational Slimmer’s Journal:
The Law of Reduction





I wish you amazing success – and amazing delight in the new-you.

Fiona MacKay Young

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