My Inspirational Success Journal

Are you a success?

Whether you answered “yes”, “no” or “it depends”, there is nothing that can help you be more successful more than journaling.

Why journaling?

Success Inspirational Quotation Journal:
I can do it!

The very act of journaling involved thinking through what you have done, are doing,are going to do and what has been successful so far.

And by thinking it through and then writing it down, you force your mind to analyze it more clearly.

You also create a record of your successes big and small that you can go back and check should you forget, or start to imagine things not quite the way they really were.

Journaling is excellent stress relief too, so if something you are doing is exacting a toll in that way, writing it out can release the tension and help you cope more easily.

Or if like me, when something great happens you get so excited – yes, and stressed, in a good way – that it is great to have the release of writing it all down and stopping the whirring in my mind, as I see it all appearing coolly and calmly on paper.

And yet another way journaling can help you be a success is that if you focus on the successes you have already had, you become success focused and that will lead to more success.

Yes, you have been a success already! Everyone has in some way. It is just a matter of identifying and appreciating every little success along the way.

Once in a while a big success just happens and you are blown away with it. But most of the time you plod along with a small success here and a small success there. And most big successes are made up of many small successes all come together.

So yes, you have been a success. There is no question. The question is, however, whether you have recognized and appreciated these successes.

Journaling is great way to keep record of all the little successes, so that when you feel you are going nowhere, you can look back and see how far you have really come.

And My Inspirational Success Journal is a great way to do that.

It comes with success quotes each time you turn the page, and lightly lined pages for you to write on with a little gauge at the bottom of each page for you to rate your day with the number of stars you think it deserves.

At the back of the book is also an index for you to make note of page number or dates of entries and quotes you want to be able to relocate easily.

If you want to be a success I recommend you journal. It can help you in so many ways, and it will bring real joy as you look back and read all the successful things you did.

Don’t wait! Start your Success Journal now!

Here’s to your successful journaling bringing you the success you want in life.

Success Inspirational Quotation Journal:
I can do it!


Fiona MacKay Young

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