Misty Seascape

Misty Seascape Photo-Art Cover Journal

This journal is the result of requests for  and comments about the gorgeous photo on the header of this website. Now you can hold this beautiful photo cover journal in your hands and feel the quiet and the peacefulness it offers.

Misty Seascape Journal

Misty Seascape Journal:
An Inspirational Photo-Art Cover Journal

The Misty Seascape Journal is the perfect journal to calm the busyness of your life and inspire you to write out your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams – whatever comes to mind. It is a safe place to share what is going on in your life, what is right, what is wrong, what has made you happy and what has made you sad. It is a private place to allow yourself to release stress and anxiety, or to celebrate exciting and wonderful happenings.

It comes with 200 lightly lined pages awaiting whatever you would like to write there. It is yours to use as a general journal, or to choose a focus or target on which to write.

But it has extras! The handy Memory Jogger Index at the back is for you to jot down the date or page number of entries you want to be able to relocate easily, plus a short note to identify them for yourself.

Each time you pick up your Misty Seascape Journal, either to write in it or to read previous entries, you can feel the calmness and the serenity of the scene on the cover, as it helps you relax into journaling mode.


Fiona MacKay Young

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