Intuition is a Gift

journal your intuition Intuition is a Gift.

Intuition may be a gift, but to some people it seems like a gift they do not have.

But they do.

Everyone has intuition, intuitive insights and impulses. The difference is that some people do not realize they have it. They simply do not recognize it, or else they do feel it but ignore it as not being “realistic” or “rational.”

And yet, your intuition, given half the chance, can guide you through life like nothing else can. It is always correct, and yet it really doesn’t care what is “politically correct.”

Your intuition guides you to do what is best for you at this time. It is your job to work out how to make that happen in a way that is, not necessarily comfortable (because your intuition may often lead you into uncomfortable situations as a route to your best outcome) but acceptable to you.

But if you have never felt your intuition speaking to you, or at least have never knowing had your intuition speak to you, where do you start?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Whenever an idea of what to do, or how to do something occurs to you, write it down. Do not try to make sense of it, or to add your own calculations of how to make this work. Just write it down as it came to you. Date it.
  • When you have more than one choice as to how to proceed in something, write down all the options. Mark the option that seems to feel that is wants to happen the most, even if it seems totally “out there” or wrong to you. Date it.
  • When you do something, but you have a nagging feeling you should have done something else. Write it down and date it.

Not only write what it was, but write how it felt. Was it just an uncomfortable feeling? Did your inner voice speak to you? Did you have a sudden flash of an idea? What happened to make you aware of the plan, the idea that you wrote down?

You get the picture? Any feelings, ideas, inklings, nagging doubts – write them all down, with the date. How they came to you will help you identify intuition in the future.

Keep looking back at your Intuition Journal ever so often and check what is going on with the things you wrote down.

To begin with perhaps only one in a while will jump out and hit you because what you thought was a crazy idea worked out as the best one – or it now appears it would have worked out as the best one if only you had followed it.

Intuition, of course, will not always appear in your life in the same way. One time you may just be “hit” with a wonderful (although scary or perhaps crazy seeming) idea and another time you may just have a quiet confidence that this is the way to go.

However, if you keep a record, and check back so you get to know what was indeed your intuition and what was not, you will gradually get more comfortable with hearing its voice and recognizing its tone.

If you would like an actual “test” to help you, read about it here

Learn to trust your intuition and tap into that all knowing inner guide that wants to lead you and guide you for your own good.

To your increased “inuiting”

Fiona MacKay Young

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Do you want to be more Intuitive?

Do you want to be more Intuitive?

Do you want to be more Intuitive? Unless you are already mega-intuitive the answer is probably “yes.” And that is the reason for this article. There is a very simple, inexpensive practice that almost anyone can do, right where they are, that can help them become more intuitive.

Let me explain first that that does not mean your intuition will work better, harder or faster. It is working perfectly well already and has been doing so all your life. What this article will help you do is to tune into your intuition, to listen to it and to learn to recognize its voice.

And you may indeed actually “hear” your intuition as a voice, probably your own, inside your head or you may get hunches, or some other physical feeling that tells you what your intuition is saying. Some people dream and others never know how or where it came from but they just know where to go, what to do in a sudden inspiration.

All of these, and probably many more, are ways you intuition speaks to you. But if you, because of background, because of the type of work you do, because you just don’t believe in all that “hocus-pocus” stuff – or because you just haven’t been able to figure out what is your intuition and what is now – if you have not been used to hearing and recognizing your intuition, here is a way that can help.

Journal.  Start an intuition journal.

Journaling in any form is amazingly healthy. It can help so many problems just disappear or at least help us deal with them. It can be a wonderful place to celebrate happiness, gratitude, to create family and other memories. And it is the perfect place to learn to hear your intuition. Your intuition is your invisible guide to life. It is never wrong, so it is worth taking some time to get to know it intimately.

I believe strongly in targeted journaling, where you focus on just one topic and journal about that. The focus helps you keep out unrelated events, feelings, concerns, and instead keep looking at and concentrating on the subject of your choice.

And as a targeted journal you do not need to feel obligated to write every day. You write when something related to your topic comes up, or when you are thinking about that and have something to write.

There is no daily grind to sit down and write every single day even when you do not feel like it. In a targeted journal when the relevant topic appears in your thoughts or life, you feel excitement and want to journal, because you are building up a story, an understanding, on this one subject which you already know will help you.

Initially your intuition journal has two things that will go into it.

Any time you think you intuition is telling you something, write it down. One of the lovely things about a journal is that is never judges you, so you can write down anything and no-one is going to think you were silly or stupid to write it or to think it.

So whenever you feel something could well be your intuition (or could not be, but you are not sure) write it down. Write down exactly what you are feeling or hearing that makes you think it might be intuition. This is important since you are learning to identify what is and what is not your sixth sense guiding you.

Then later, you can come back and add whether this proved to be your intuition indeed, in light of later developments, or whether it was not, or perhaps you may just have to put that you are still not sure about this one. However, you will come to recognize, over time, what is and what is not your intuition.

The benefit of this is obvious.

Now you when to listen to that quiet voice, and know how to recognize it. You recognize it as a trusted friend.

If you already are tuned into your intuition, or once you come to that stage through journaling, an Intuition journal can still be an extremely valuable ally.

Even those of us who use our intuition as a regular guidance system in our lives, are prone to allow our imagination or subsequent events to alter or cloud that original insight. We look back and think it can’t have been quite as we saw or felt it, it must have been… and we edit and reshape to fit present circumstances.

Your intuition journal can help prevent that. If you write down your original intuitive thought at the time, exactly as it came to you, including how it came to you, it will be there, unedited, unchanged when you come back later, with your doubts, to recall exactly what the original message was.

Since we are assuming that you are someone who by now trusts their intuition easily, re-reading your earlier entries can get you back on track and going in the right directions.

Once you really trust your intuition implicitly, you will follow it when it seems like a crazy way to go. You will follow it regardless of what those around you say or do. You will follow it because it has proved to you that it is always right, it always knows what is best for you.

And when you have doubts, when the pressure around you gets great enough that you being to wonder … you will have your intuition journal to keep you on the right path and to give you the confidence you need to keep going.

And once that situation is over, and journaled in your Intuition journal, you will now have that to look back on too, which will give you even more confidence in how well it works.

Intuition and Journaling. They are natural partners and a very powerful duo. Start your intuition journal today.

Intuition is powerful: make the most of your power.

Fiona MacKay Young

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Become more Intuitive with Journaling

Did you know that you can become more intuitive with journaling?

Do you recognize the voice or the feel of your intuition? Everyone has intuition and everyone’s intuition tries to communicate with its “owner.” However, not every “owner” notices or recognizes her or his intuition.

Your intuition is always right. It never makes a mistake, or gets it wrong, so it is your own great advantage to take a little time to get to know this faultless guide. Of course, even the most intuitively tuned-in people still have problems and difficulties, but they get through it in the easiest, most pain free way possible because they follow their intuitive direction.

Intuition is not forceful. It does not feel like you have just been hit over the head with a sledge hammer. It just quietly gives you the information it has for you and leaves it up to you to decide whether to pay attention or to ignore it.

Not everyone “hears” their intuition in the same way. Some actually do “hear” and often it sounds like their own voice in their head talking to them. Others just get a feeling – a sixth sense – we often refer to it as a gut feeling. They just know the best direction to take, and have a strong feeling that this is so without knowing why they know or where it came from. And others can feel physical malady of various kinds if they are not following the most advisable path for them at this point.

Regardless of how it speaks to you, your intuition does speak and your life will be happier and easier if you can learn to follow this quiet, unobtrusive guide.

One of the best, in fact THE best way to learn to trust your intuition more strongly, and to come to recognize its voice more easily, is to journal. Journaling is a terrific tool for many, many things, and one of these that it is certainly most strongly recommended for is for getting to know and following your intuitive sense.

Whether you already have a good connection with your intuitive self, or whether you are just beginning to pay attention and try to get an effective communication set up, journaling is a wonderful tool to help you.

If you are one of those who is already in touch with this side of yourself, if you regularly get intuitive information from which to direct your actions and your life, then keeping a journal can help you stay on track more easily.

With small things it is not too hard just to go with your hunches, but when it comes to bigger and riskier moves, it can sometimes be hard to keep on track.

Other people’s advice may go against what you intuition says. Other events may seem to change the situation. Other situations may impact your direction until you are not sure if what you remember as what your intuition said is correct. You may be inclined to convince yourself that what it said was different, so to fit more easily into the current situation.

If you journal when you hear or feel something from your intuition, big or small, you have that record, unaffected by future events or other people, to go back to and check later when doubts arise.

If you journal as you follow through, you can also include any farther intuitive information you get as you progress. For any big step, or anything that has high stakes, journaling can both help you stay on track and give you more confidence that you are doing the right things and going in the right direction.

For those who have not yet reached the stage of trusting their intuition, or perhaps of not even really consciously knowing it is even communicating with you, a journal can help you take baby steps at first and work your way up to being fully aware of and trusting your sixth sense.

When you  journal each time you have some gut feeling of some kind, no matter how weak or vague, you have it written down where it can’t get either lost or changed. If you are really unsure, write everything down anyway, but just follow it on the easier, lower stake items until you build your trust.

This will teach you to learn what feelings really are your intuition and which are not. It will help you learn to recognize your intuitive voice, just as listening to any human voice for a while teaches you to recognize that person’s voice.

And once you have learnt to recognize your intuitive voice, and you have journal entries of the times you heard it and how right it always is, it will give you confidence to both know it is your intuition you are hearing and to follow it in riskier situations.

There can be no more compatible relationship than that of intuition and journaling. They just naturally belong together. Our minds play tricks on us so easily that having a written record can help us keep ourselves on track even when outward signs seem to be telling us to go another way.

Talk to your intuition. Ask it questions. Ask it “should I be doing this?” and then sit quietly and feel and listen for it to give you guidance. It is easier to understand when you ask questions that require a yes or a no answer, especially when you are relatively new to being in conscious communication with your intuition.

Do not forget that you have your own personal, internal GPS just waiting to guide you through any storm if only you will plug it in and turn it on … and then write down its instructions in your Intuition Journal so you do not forget or allow doubts to creep in later on.

So here in a nutshell is your guide for life:

  1. Listen to your intuition.
  2. Journal.
  3. Repeat for the rest of your life.

To your Intuition Journaling,

Fiona MacKay Young

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To your wonderful journaling experience,

Susan Morgan

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