Success Tool for Women Entrepreneurs

Success Tool for Women Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur, if that is your style, is wonderful. You have the freedom to “do your own thing,” and to take your business where you want to go. Hopefully this also gives you the choice to do something you truly love and feel passionate about.

However, it can also be lonely.

Certainly you can go to a few or many business networking groups – and women entrepreneurs have the advantage over men here in that there are more “just for women” groups that “just for men” groups, so they have these, plus of course the mixed groups.

But that is a business connection where you are geared to making helpful contacts that will either become customers/ clients themselves or somewhere down the road or refer you to someone who will be.

And it can be frazzling and stressful to keep up with business, people, things needing done and all that goes along with being in business for yourself.

Unlike in a “job” you have no coworkers to talk things through with. No-one to problem solve with or to brainstorm with to come up with ideas. You also probably want to be somewhat careful about giving out your most exciting new ideas before you have had time to implement them.

Perfect Business Companion

I would like to introduce you to the Perfect Business Companion.

You can brainstorm to your heart’s content, come up with ideas and freely share them with your Perfect Business Companion. Even if you forget them later, your Perfect Business Companion can be totally relied upon to remember them word for word. You can complain if you feel like complaining (although it is always best after a good stress release complaining session to go back and notice what good things are also included in that situation.) You can celebrate. You can plan. You can do all this at any time of day or night, without an appointment and meeting scheduled. And you can do it anywhere.

Why? How?

Because your Perfect Business Companion is a Journal.

As a Woman Entrepreneur myself, over the past 20+ years I have enjoyed the ups and the downs, the excitements and disappointments, but overall the happiness and the success of this type of life and work. I know what it feels like. I love it, but I also understand its challenges.

And my Perfect Business Companion and friend is my journal.

Why Journal

It keeps what I write in it safe. Safe from being lost, certainly, but also from being lost in my mind and diluted or changed by subsequent events or situations. It stays there just as it was when I originally wrote it: a great gift to me when it comes to gut feeling and intuitive insights.

It keeps it safe, too, when my busy life makes it impossible for me to remember everything I want to keep alive and ready for use.

It is a great place to write out all about a situation, possibility or idea and then whack it about to see all sides, the potential positives and also the problems. It is a great place to then work out how to overcome or avoid the problems. In short, it gives me clearer insight and understanding – and it is all recorded right there for me to go back to at a future date.

If you, like me, are an ideas person, you may well have more ideas than you can possibly use at any given time. But as you probably realize, ideas are fleeting. Here today, gone forever in just a second. But not if you capture them in writing in your journal.

There they safe and sound for you to come back to and reread at a later date – and often will give you that “aah haa” moment all over again (since you have by then probably forgotten you ever came up with that idea in the first place.)

There are many, many more reasons to journal too.

Just think of all the uses you could have for a best and most trusted friend, who always listens without judgement, will never betray a confidence, completely understands your business and only has your success and happiness as their motivation.

That is the perfect description of your journal.

How to write your journal

Personally I prefer to write by hand.

Writing by hand affects your brain quite differently from typing, and in a way that gives you a deeper understanding and clearer insight into what you are thinking and writing about. It also stays with you longer. It is more emotionally satisfying, whether it is time for you to express your stress or celebrate success, the feeling comes through more extensively when you write by hand – and no matter whether this was a positive or problem entry, this self-expression will certainly be beneficial to you.

So, may I encourage you to Journal every time you feel like it, as you enjoy and succeed in your business. It does not have to be every day unless you want it to be, but just write when you feel you have something you want to express or get off your chest.

Just for women who have the entrepreneurial spirit coursing through their veins, I have compiled the “Happiness and Success Journal for Women Entrepreneurs.”

It has motivational quotes throughout to inspire you. It is a comfortable desk size journal. And comes with a very convenient Handy Memory Jogger Index at the back to help you keep track of those entries you want to be able to find quickly. I hope you will find it not only useful but that it will become one of your most trusted business tools.

Unclog your mind – Journal!


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Take a peek at the Happiness and Success Journal for Women Entrepreneurs

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Fiona MacKay Young

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