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The first in the series of Journals for Women Entrepreneurs:

Happiness and Success Journal for Women Entrepreneurs

Happiness and Success Journal for Women Entrepreneurs:

Be Inspired & Motivated as you record your Business Ventures & Adventures

Simple but powerful, this Journal is a must-have tool and companion
for every Woman Entrepreneur.

An introduction to this Journal with Fiona


Writing by hand has amazing power.

– It allows emotional expression.
– It encourages clear thinking.
– It outlines contradictions, anomalies.
– And often by writing things out solutions and answers appear, that might otherwise have been missed.

Motivational quotes will inspire and encourage you as you record your triumphs and trials, ideas and dreams.

Power up your business as you:

– Revive your joy
– And express your stress.

All for a few minutes of your invested time.

Could you ever ask for more?

If you are a Woman Entrepreneur (Congratulations, and more power to you!) this journal can be your “Right Hand Woman.”

Or if you know a Woman Entrepreneur, there is no better way to encourage and support her than giving her this journal.

– Desk size 7″ by 10″ for easy writing,
– Spacious 200 pages of Writing Space,
– 200 Inspirational Quotes to keep you focused on enjoying your success,
– Memory Jogger Index to help you keep track of important entries and favorite quotes,
– Motivational Introduction to get you started,
– Handy Rating Gauge for each entry.

To the present and future success of Woman Entrepreneurs everywhere!

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